Inaugurated in 2008, Dojima River Forum has been hosting various events:

“Dojima River Biennale”, “Dojima Winter Live” and “Nihon no ie ten”, with divers angles towards culture and art.

We are delighted to announce our new initiative, “Dojima River Awards”

honoring the prominent pieces from different category every year.

The opening edition has capped “Japanese painting”

for its exceptional techniques and traditions which need to be transmitted to posterity, generating the adorers in the world.

We are very looking forward to encountering a number of wonderful works.

Kind Regards.

Dojima River Forum

Hikari Furukubo

Organizer:Dojima River Forum
Planning and Production:Dojima River Forum
With the special sponsorship of:Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Sponsored by:Audi Japan KK/ECC CO., Ltd./Suntory Holdings Limited/KOKUYO Co.,Ltd./NTT WEST/Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
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Supported by : Niles Communications, Inc. /PAVONE/Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd./TOKK



・no limitations on age or nationality


・Basically, the works entered must be created with art materials used in Nihonga -Japanese style painting
・Must be created by an individual(no team works or collaborations)
・Works that were entered in other competitions in the past are not accepted
(The works shown at solo exhibitions or group exhibitions are accepted)
・2 dimensional works only
・Maximum size dimension is 4m x 4m including frame
Any number of works will qualify to be considered as one work as long as they fit in the dimensions of 4m x 4m.
・As a general rule,the work should not be framed nor provisionally framed.
(All installation materials such as metal parts or string for hanging the paintings must be provided by the artist.)
・No glass or plexiglas frames are permitted

Judgement(One work per artist)

Initial screening

・Entry fee : free
・Entry method : online entry
・Screening method : online screening
・Date of screening : Sep.20th Tuesday,2016
・Announcement of result: by email

Final screening

・Application fee : 10,000yen
・Screening method : view actual works
・Screening date : Oct. 16th Sunday,2016
・Announcement of winners : by email, will be announced on our website

*The judge’s decision is final and any objection or inquiries are not considered.
*Size or numbers of works will not affect the final judgement.
*We shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss,damage or destruction by inevitable accidents beyond our control.
*Artists will allow the prized works to be published in the media without prior permission.
*Organizers will make sure personal data is secure and any data will only be used in the process of administering this project.
*We may not accept the works that are not presentable such as fragile or “easy to break”, or any works where the paint isn’t completely
dry will be rejected.
*Application fee is non- refundable.


Yuji Akimoto

Hiroshi Senjyu


Yuji Yamashita

(Syllabary order)


Grand prize


Roundtrip air tickets to France

Solo exhibition at Dojima River Forum Gallery( intended for 2017)


Second prize



Third prize